Programmed Dimension


  • Information and Resource sharing and Networking.
  • Promotion of Accessible ICT for persons with disabilities. 
  • Conducting Research/Study on Disability and Development Issues and dissemination.         
  • Community-Based Support Services for development of Persons with Disabilities and Disadvantaged/Marginalized people.
  • Promotion and Protection of Rights especially of Children and Women including Persons with Disabilities.
  • Promotion of Inclusive Education.
  • Promotion of Livelihood opportunities for Persons with Disabilities.
  • National and local level Advocacy on promoting rights of Persons with Disabilities, Women, Children and marginalized group of people.

Programme development strategy/approach


Prior to develop any programme CSID conducts baseline Study to learn about the actual situation, facts and figures. The projects are being designed following a process of Problem analysis; Root & Immediate causes analysis, Duty bearer/Stakeholder analysis, Resource analysis and consultation with target group, relevant stakeholders, families and general community. Individual need assessment is also being done where needed to prepare service plan.

 Programme implementation Approach/Strategy


  • Participatory and Inclusive.
  • Community based with Rights approach.         
  • Advocacy and sensitization including promotion of self-advocacy.
  • Capacity building.
  • Partnership, Networking and Collaboration.
  • Flexibility.